Catalina Cumpanasoiu has joined the lab!

This fall, we’ll have a new addition to the lab – Catalina joins us as a graduate student in the Personal Health Informatics PhD program. Here’s the bio that she wrote for us, which is also posted in the “People” section:

Catalina is finishing with a triple major: BS in Psychology, Computer Science and Cognitive Science from University of Richmond. During her time there she worked with Dr. David Landy on learning mathematical operations through visual cues and on an algebra teaching software that explores the role of space and physical manipulations of mathematical notations in understanding of and performance on algebra problems. Her honors thesis has been on spatial cognition and emotion recognition as a function of ASD. She has also had two summer internships working with children on the autism spectrum. She is looking forward to use technology to answer autism-related questions!

On to great things

CBSL collaborators and researchers have recently accepted some exciting new positions.

Kristy Johnson will be joining the MIT Media Lab‘s PhD program. I heard that’s a pretty good school.

Dr. Ian Kleckner has accepted a faculty appointment at the University of Rochester.

And, in slightly older news: this past fall, Dr. Murat Akcakaya accepted a faculty position at UPitt’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department. He continues to collaborate with CBSL on a number of projects.

Matthew gets an award!

Prof. Matthew Goodwin has received the 2015 Princeton Lecture Series Fellowship from Eden Autism Services, and he gave a keynote presentation at their 21st Annual Princeton Lecture Series. Awesome!


For source of photo, and to learn more about Eden Autism Services, please visit their Facebook page.